Treatment Charges

Initial consultation sessions are Completely Free. You are under no obligation to proceed

if you feel it is not for you. Treatment Charges will apply to subsequent sessions.

Please note that there will be a Discount applied to the Smoking and Weight Loss Programmes

should they go the full course.

Stop Smoking (Up to 4 sessions)      (per session) £47.00

Weight Loss (up to 6 Sessions)          (per session) £47.00

Anxiety/Panic attacks                       (per session) £47.00
Depression                                             (per session) £47.00
Low Self Esteem                                  (per session) £47.00
Low Self Confidence                        (per session) £47.00
Sleep Disorders                                 (per session) £47.00
IBS                                                          (per session) £47.00
Phobias                                                    (per session) £47.00
Personalized CD`s                                                      £35.00

With all the above treatments a Free Consultation session is included, This is to assess your needs, and to discover what you want to achieve from your Hypnotherapy session. These sessions will last at least an hour and up to two hours. During this time I will be able to gain some background on your particular situation and tailor your therapy session to you. Some treatments will take only one session whereas some, such as Stopping Smoking and Weight Loss can involve more sessions. Hypnotherapy can be helpful in many more areas. If your particular problem is not mentioned above please contact me and I can discuss it with you to find a solution.