Innate Physical and Emotional Needs

We all have Innate Physical and Emotional needs. Sometimes with life being lived at such a fast pace we often lose some of those needs. If any 1 or more of these needs are out of alignment then there is a void in our lives. This can, and often does, allow Depression to creep into our daily routine.Finding that balance is key to eliminating Depression.

It can happen because we are giving so much of ourselves to others or work. Or are too shy and reserved to ask for them or find them. However the good news is we also have some Innate Physical and Emotional recourses. These are at our disposal to find, replace and get those needs fulfilled.

So what exactly are these NEEDS;

I will endeavor to shed some light on these needs and how to get them all in balance again. Below is a list of our emotional needs;

(I credit The Human Givens Institute for this valuable resource)

Security; a safe environment that we can live without undue fear.

Autonomy; a sense of control over what happens to us and around us.

Attention; both giving and receiving are vital to fuel our development.

Intimacy; emotional connection i.e. friendship or loving relationships.

Community; connection to people outside of family i.e. work hobbies etc.

Status; within our communities that we are accepted, valued, respected.

Achievement and Competence; a sense of our own abilities, skills, confidence.

Privacy; time and space to reflect, learn and consolidate our experiences.

Meaning and Purpose; being stretched, physically and mentally.

These are just brief highlights of these needs. They are all interconnected and we need them in a balanced way that suits our individuality. Some of us may require more privacy than others. Another person may feel neglected emotionally.


The Good News;

We also have Inbuilt Human Resources which we can use to understand and interact with our environment.

Emotions and Instincts; help us understand what`s happening around us.

Empathy; the ability to connect, care and share with others.

Memory; enables us to learn, remember and add to our knowledge.

Imagination; allows us to focus away from our emotions and solve problems.

Intuition; our ability to “know” to perceive and understand unconsciously.

Reason; a conscious, rational mind ability to analyse, plan and question.

Enhanced awareness; our ability to step back be objective and observe.

Dreaming; our way of defusing unresolved emotions to clear the mind.

Again these are abilities that each of us have. We may be better at some than others and they again are designed to help us meet our needs. These are the resources that each person should develop to meet their needs that have brought about their Depression. There are many ways to develop these skills the first being…


Take Action;

To find out more about how to develop your skills to free yourself from Depression call or get in touch through the Contact us page on the website and we can work together to find your Depression free life.

Innate Physical and Emotional Needs

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