Depression is Depressing

Depression is Depressing… really. OK so you go to the Doctors and they ask you 9 questions which start with, “In the past month have you…”. And if you say yes to 5 of them they proudly declare you Depressed.

Well that was easy. So what is their answer. “Take these antidepressants for the rest of your life and you will feel so zonked out that it won’t matter if you are Depressed or not”

OK so I am being a little cynical here however that is so very nearly how it works for so many people who have developed Depression. The good news is that is not the be all and end all of it. You can recover from Depression a lot easier and quicker than that. As long as you have the right knowledge of how to recover.

Among other things Depression disturbs the natural pattern of sleep, this leads to tiredness which compounds the Depression which disturbs the sleep pattern even more, result, you become tired, irritable, pessimistic and more depressed. Nothing good ever happens to you, the world is conspiring to make your life as miserable as possible… Sound familiar.

Or let’s say you lose a loved one, this will bring about a period of mourning and unhappiness. Which is a form of Depression, you feel sad, but in time most people come to terms with it, and as I know only too well you never fully recover from that loss, you learn to live life without them. You adjust and go back to being yourself. Unfortunately there are times when this does not happen and a person can allow this to continue and so Depression develops.

Now the helpful bit;

There is hope for recovery, in fact it is more than hope. You can recover from Depression and stay recovered. Yes there will be the odd day when you are feeling down. The good news is they will pass because you will know how to be Un-Depressed, or Depressless.

Guided Imagery or Hypnosis has proven to be about the most effective method of recovery both for its speed and effectiveness. So when you realize that Depression is basically a trance state (when you are depressed you go into a world of your own even if your are surrounded by people, dont you?). Then it makes sense that using trance to rectify the initial cause of your Depression will work quicker than medication for instance (medication only treats the symptom of Depression not the cause, although some anti depressants can be initially effective)

Note how I said `cause` of Depression because that is the key to recovery and future prevention of Depression.  The cause of your Depression can generally be traced back to an incident or situation that has created some discomfort. Or a lack of your basic human needs, where there is something that is missing from your life.

Other Ways;

There are a great number of other ways to help an individual recover and stay Un-Depressed or Depressless. There isn’t the room to write about them here, however the essential bits are;

Find out what the cause is and rectify it.

Identify where the gaps in your wellbeing are and fill them in.

Change lifestyle habits that support depression.

Learn new skills and thinking patterns that reinforce your self esteem and confidence.

I have been fortunate enough to have studied the work and participate in the training of some of the leading authorities in this field. And I am well qualified to show you the way to a life free from Depression. There are many ways to aid your recovery from Depression, the first and most important is…

Take action;

Call me today and book an appointment to discuss your needs and develop a recovery plan suited to you.

Depression is Depressing

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