My name is Pete Allison; I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mental Health First Aider and qualified in NLP techniques, I have also achieved a certificate of Understanding Autism, I have studied many other techniques that also enhance my qualifications all of which I incorporate into my working practices to deliver the highest standards possible.

My working experience has provided me with the skills needed to be dynamic, innovative and creative, I work with everyone as an individual, I work towards providing personal programs to suit your need, your lifestyle, ensuring you achieve the best results.

My style of working enables me to maintain a reputation of being professional, well respected and a successful therapist in my profession. I am currently based in South Holderness and cover the Hull, East Riding & Lincolnshire areas.

I specialize in the mind, as the mind affects our behaviour and the results of our life. Working with the mind enables people to grow, releasing them from any phobias or fears that could be holding them back. I am a firm believer in that no matter what you want to overcome or achieve it begins with the mind.

Unfortunately some of us get stuck in self-destructive thought patterns especially when it comes to those who want to stop smoking, get help with weight loss or are suffering from symptoms of stress, such as nail biting. I have wide field of experience in most areas of psychosomatic issues that include Phobias, Insomnia, Depression, Nail Biting, and Addictions

When working with clients it is paramount that both the client & therapist understand that we are all different, so each have their own personal history as to why they want to seek help and treatment. For example people know how easy it is to not put a cigarette or excessive food into their mouths and tackling this on their own using will power alone seldom succeeds. That is where Hypnotherapy combined with other techniques are so powerful; they give the person a winning edge, combined with will power to overcome their undesirable habits and help to create the lifestyle they desire.